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Upholstered Furniture Services

  • All old fabric is removed
  • Repairs discussed during the estimate and that are in writing, are performed
  • New welt cords, zippers, deck fabrics and dust covers are used
  • Thin layers of new padding are often used over the old paddings
  • Seat cushion cores are rewrapped and reused.
  • Small style changes are sometimes made
  • Cutting, sewing and application of the new fabric is warranted.

Rebuild & Reupholster
  • Old fabrics, paddings and springs are removed
  • We look far into the future and repair or replace what could fail within the next 20 years
  • The frame is closely examined and repaired as needed.
  • The seat and back springs are retied or completely replaced as needed.
  • Padding supports are tightened or replaced as needed
  • Paddings are either replaced or repaired on a case by case basis
  • Meticulously we rebuild the piece from the frame up
  • New welt cords, zippers, deck fabrics and dust covers are used
  • New high quality seat foam is always used
  • Arm, back and deck Padding repaired /replaced
  • Outside arms and backs are padded
  • Quality self lined skirts are used (if of this style)

  • We do furniture store warranty work for 5 different dealers in our area
  • Also, we work directly with the customer whose furniture is out of warranty.  We can repair anything that is wrong with any piece of upholstered furniture, with the exception being recliner mechanisms. 
  • A few of the common repairs we frequently do are: 
                   Cushion core replacement - firmer/softer
                   Cushion cover replacement
                   Zipper replacement
                   Broken or soft spring replacement/repair
                   Spring retie
                   Padding built up/repair/replacement
                   Arm shaper repair
                   Seam repair 
                   Partial repair/replacement of cover panels
                   Button replacement
                   Broken frame repair
                   Squeak repair
                   Loose leg repair
                   Finish repair of show wood

Custom Built New     
For the customer who is fed-up with the low quality of new upholstered furniture         
Quality, Quality, Quality!
  • For the discriminating customer who understands quality, and knows that in the long run, it cannot be measured by initial cost alone. 
  • Our custom built upholstered furniture is built to the highest standards.  
  • We combine our 39 years of experience, quality custom built hardwood frames along with the best available supplies and paddings to create a quality piece of furniture that will sit well and look beautiful for many years.
  • High end suspension (seat and back springs)
  • Highest quality modern paddings
  • High Resiliency seat foams are used
  • Hours and Hours of detailed, slow and meticulous workmanship
  • Our fabrics or yours
  • Workmanship, frame and suspension come with a 20 year warranty.

Fabrics! Fabrics! Fabrics!
We have approximately 160 fabric swatch books
***hundreds and hundreds of fabrics***
Fabrics are delivered to us in 2 days or less

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