Sunday, April 17, 2005

Customer's Own Material (COM)

This is a chair I reupholstered with the customer's own material. We really like to sell the fabric for a reupholstery job for several reasons: When the fabric is purchased from an upholsterer, you can be sure of quality, ordering the right amount, knowledge of the fiber content and cleaning code.  And also, keep in mind, we need a certain number of dollars to do a job and when the fabric is purchased from us some of those dollars come from our fabric sale.   If you bring in your own fabric, we still need a certain number of dollars, so we have to charge a different way so we maintain our shop rate.  But sometimes customer's bring in their own fabricx and that is fine.  We do it both ways.  That was the case with this chair. Unfortunately, the lady did not buy quite enough fabric and we were unable to do as much centering as we would have liked.  Normally, the pattern would have been centered on the outside arm.  But she was happy and her chair looked good.

Because this chair was a rebuild, we supplied the paddings, springs, labor and supplies ( Did you know that there are approximately 37 different supply items used to upholster and repair a chair like this?). I also was able to perk up her wood work with professional finish touch-up methods.